Who Is Mindy?

Mindy Messenger peeking out from behind a metal sculpture.
If you ever find yourself in Seattle, do visit the bizarre tentacle sculptures at the Ballard Locks.

Why, hello there. As you probably guessed, my name is Mindy (yes, just “Mindy”). I’m a content strategist, published writer, and editor who specializes in written web content with a unique and engaging voice for individual brands or organizations. My belief is that content—written, visual, and video—is the foundation of the web. As a result, I advocate developing a strong content strategy and implementing web standards-compliant frameworks that help fulfill SEO, usability, and accessibility needs.

My favorite things to talk about are writing (fiction or writing for the web), content strategy for the web, storytelling, and turtles. I also come from an eCommerce background, so I’m always thinking about ways to improve online shopping experiences. I use the em dash so much that I have it’s HTML memorized (—).

What Is Mindalee.com?

Mindalee.com started as a professional portfolio site to showcase my published articles and ability to hand code HTML. This was back when I graduated from the University of Washington with two degrees (English and Comparative Literature) and just wanted any old job that had something to do with words. People who knew HTML and could actually write and edit were a very rare species back then (mid-2000s), and I thought I could use that to my advantage. I spent a number of pleasant years working temporary and contract gigs that involved writing and some editorial strategy for the web (mostly at MSN Shopping/Bing Shopping).

Screenshot of the very first Mindalee.com site.
Mindalee.com Version 1.0, back when I created the entire site using TextEdit.

But in 2011 the clouds parted, rays of sun poured down on me, and I finally realized exactly what I wanted to do professionally. No longer was my goal to do “something with words on the web,” but instead I wanted to blend content strategy with organizational storytelling. I also felt it was time to break out of the temporary, contract world and either work for myself or find the prefect permanent job. (As of August 2012, I found the perfect permanent position that blends content strategy with storytelling!)